Facts about Steroids Produced Naturally by the Human Body

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The human body produces steroids naturally, to use in achieving various physiological functions, such as growth, development, metabolism and reproduction. Some of the steroids produced by the body also help create energy and maintain balance in the systems for the body to function properly.
Popular examples of steroids naturally produced by the body include cortisol, testosterone, oestrogen and cholesterol.
The adrenal glands are the main producers of steroids in the body, and the gonads such as the testis (testosterone) and the ovary (oestrogen). Most of the natural steroids produced are cortisol, corticosterone, aldosterone and 11-deoxycortisol.

Food-Sourced Natural Steroids

Some plants produce compounds that can influence the body’s physiological systems. They are also referred to in research studies as natural steroids. That being the case, nutrition experts recommend for people who need steroid boosts to include these natural steroids in their daily diet. That way, they can help their adrenal glands and gonads keep up with the production of steroid hormones when the body is overly active; or in most cases, already experiencing the wear-and-tear effects of ageing.

Examples of Food-Based Natural Steroids

Eggs, herbs, seeds and other plants consumed as part of a planned diet, help the body naturally produce steroid hormones within the body.
EGGS – Egg yolks are cholesterol-rich, while the egg whites have high levels of amino acid, an important muscle-boosting nutrient. Although not all cholesterol derived from food is good, studies have proven that cholesterol from egg yolks are of the good kind.
AVOCADO is a fruit that contains high levels of healthy unsaturated fat called Omega 3. The latter is a kind of fat that lowers bad cholesterol. Some studies claim that men who consume avocado regularly have high levels of natural testosterone hormones.
CELERY – Not a few nutrition experts attest that celery stimulates testosterone production because it has high levels of androstenol and androstenone.

Why is Synthetic Steroid Illegal?

Health experts recommend the natural sources as healthy alternatives, to those who use synthetic steroids. Although proven effective as therapies for many hormone-related health problems, it turned out that synthetic steroids are not the perfect solutions after all. Synthetic steroids trigger side effects that can adversely affect mental and other physiological systems of the human body. That is why steroid medications are controlled substances that cannot be used, sold or procured without a medical prescription issued by a licensed physician.
Still, many who rely on synthetic steroids as health and bodybuilding supplements buy steroids in canada because they are reputed to contain pharma grade ingredients.